Friday, June 8, 2007


This is the new location of the Haunted Missouri paranormal investigative team. Since 1999 we have been conducting investigations within the central United States. The team has changed personnel but our motto of helping people who live with a spirit, has remained constant. If the spirit is not welcome, we will help it move on or give the living inhabitants of the house more strength and some advice to cope with the situation. We do not charge for our services preferring to help people who really need our help.

First and foremost I am a skeptic. So I use scientific methods including electronic instruments to detect paranormal energy. This is tricky since there are no scientific methods or devices to measure paranormal activity.

So far 2007 has been a very slow year as we have only performed one investigation to date. We do have a few things on the horizon so this page might get quite busy during the next few months.

While on vacation in Virginia I did snap a very good “ghostly” picture. While inside Endless Caverns we were in a place where many parties were hosted during prohibition. Well I was taking pictures and suddenly the flash kicked back right into my face. At the time I was running behind so I had to catch up to the tour guide.

When I got back to the hotel I found the following picture. Keep in mind I don’t give much credence to pictures without any other corresponding equipment to verify paranormal activity. I did not have any equipment with me, so this could be nothing at all. The cave was a cold 55 degrees with no mist but yet somehow a mist appeared on my photo. You judge and leave a comment.


Aura said...

Hello. Thanks for the link. I will add you to my site. Interesting picture.

Mimi said...

Creepy. I can sorta see a face in the mist.