Friday, June 8, 2007


This is the new location of the Haunted Missouri paranormal investigative team. Since 1999 we have been conducting investigations within the central United States. The team has changed personnel but our motto of helping people who live with a spirit, has remained constant. If the spirit is not welcome, we will help it move on or give the living inhabitants of the house more strength and some advice to cope with the situation. We do not charge for our services preferring to help people who really need our help.

First and foremost I am a skeptic. So I use scientific methods including electronic instruments to detect paranormal energy. This is tricky since there are no scientific methods or devices to measure paranormal activity.

So far 2007 has been a very slow year as we have only performed one investigation to date. We do have a few things on the horizon so this page might get quite busy during the next few months.

While on vacation in Virginia I did snap a very good “ghostly” picture. While inside Endless Caverns we were in a place where many parties were hosted during prohibition. Well I was taking pictures and suddenly the flash kicked back right into my face. At the time I was running behind so I had to catch up to the tour guide.

When I got back to the hotel I found the following picture. Keep in mind I don’t give much credence to pictures without any other corresponding equipment to verify paranormal activity. I did not have any equipment with me, so this could be nothing at all. The cave was a cold 55 degrees with no mist but yet somehow a mist appeared on my photo. You judge and leave a comment.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

From The Pit

WARNING: This is the beginning of a graphic horror novel. Read at your own risk! Don't say I didn't warn you.........

It's dark, so very dark.

How long have I been walking? It feels like an eternity: days, months, maybe even years. I realize I don't even know my name. It feels like I just awakened in the darkness, walking toward something unknown. I can't even see my hand in front of my face so I can't tell if I have any identifiable marks on me. Unending screams pierce the darkness behind me, blocking out everything except the sound of my footsteps. Blood curdling screams, as if something is being tortured and murdered. So I keep moving forward not daring to stop.

The walls in this cold void consist of very sharp rocks. Although I can't see them, I have an innate sense to avoid cutting myself. I cannot explain it but I feel as if I am being pulled forward, as if I am being led by an invisible hand. The stench of this place is sickening. Very frequently I'll step on something soft. I could swear it is a corpse but having no light I just keep moving. Who am I kidding; I am unable to stop even if I wanted to. The pulling..

It occurred to me I could be prey and I think I was being hunted. A while ago, through the screams, I heard something slithering quite close. I walked quieter trying to avoid an encounter. It followed me for many miles. I could hear it whispering, calling to me but I was unable to stop. Then, I heard a crunching like many bones being broken and the slithering stopped.

The void torments me but it also gives nourishment. Every once in a while I'll feel something soft and warm on the walls; that's when I feed. I don't know what it is but it is tasty flesh. The sweet blood runs down my neck before I can lick it all up. It's the only satisfaction I ever get here. I discard the bones without stopping.

The void seems to be getting smaller. I have to stoop over to avoid banging my head on the sharp ceiling. Where am I going? There are so many questions but I have no answers. The cold is beginning to fade and I fear I am nearing journey's end. But to where? What horrors await me at the end?

I now hear whispering up ahead. I can't make out words but I hear many voices. The closer I get the more it sounds like chanting. Now the pulling is unbearable as my pace quickens but with little effort from me. I now see a small light in the distance growing larger as I get closer.

The ground is now soft and warm; I hear a crunching and moaning over the screams with every step. I am definitely walking on many creatures because I can feel their touch. They are reaching out, grabbing my legs as I step down braking whatever bones are in my path. My pace quickens as I sense the light up ahead is where I am being pulled to.

Suddenly, I am standing within a pentagram of flames. There are now six hooded and cloaked figures staring at me. I cannot see their faces but I can see their eyes. Their eyes are glowing, piercing me. Their chanting has stopped and one of them approaches wielding a large black sword. I brace for battle but he kneels before me and holds the blade over his head for me to take.

They chant in unison, "All Hail Orcus, Prince of the Undead!"

I smile. A great weight has been lifted as I realize I am not prey. Now I remember who I am!

The creature kneeling now looks up at me but I am still unable to see his face. He says to me, "We have summoned you and you have come as prophesized."

"Where am I?"

"You have crawled through the Abyss and have arrived in the human world of Nevaeh, my lord. Its plagued with wars; eons of wars. So many dead they have begun burying fresh corpses over the ancient dead. Very little hallowed ground here; it's starting to sour. There are many souls to torture and the flesh is warm! What are your orders, master?"

"I am weak from travel, summon my army through the portal."

"As you wish."

I touch my blade as a cold shock rushes through my body, instantly energizing me. I raise the sword toward the skies. "The age of humans will now end! We will eat their flesh!"

From the diary of Orcus

Friday, June 1, 2007

Evil Decends

Well I am progressing on the book to the point where I feel comfortable releasing a brief view. It's still untitled but I did give a name to this passage. With regards to titles. I treat my stories like I treat my pets. I let them tell me their name over time. So here it is:

People think hell is a volcanic world where soul’s burn, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. In actuality, hell is a cold dark place filled with silence. Almost like being locked in a freezer full of corpses. Well, there is the occasional scream just to keep you awake. What kind of creature would live in a place like that?

Once you stare into the face of evil, you can never get that image out of your mind. It’s engraved into your soul and every time you close your eyes you can see the face of evil staring back at you. It’s waiting for you; waiting until you are at your weakest. Then it will strike and take away everything you hold close to your heart.

The eyes of evil are like two lifeless pieces of coal. An endless black pit filled with horror and pain. There is no life in the void, only death, decay and darkness. They will suck the life out of you; absorbing the laughter and smiles, while leaving behind isolation and terror.

When darkness descends, the wake of destruction is much like a tsunami. One day your family is happy without a care in the world. Then, one day you feel the cold spots. Then, voices in the dark empty house. The voices are a whisper in your ear like someone is standing right next to you but no one is there. You can feel the icy breath softly rushing into your ear as you name is whispered.

At first you think you are crazy but then you feel an invisible hand on your shoulder. The touches are gentle at first but become more intense often leaving bruises. You put your groceries away in the closet and are shoved inside with the door slamming behind. You bang on the door frantically trying to open it but it will not budge. It’s like a concrete wall and your fists make only a dull thud against the wood.

Then one night you awaken to a stranger sitting on your night stand staring through you. He looks real enough but you must be dreaming because, the eyes are strange. The eyes are nothing but two pools of darkness. You exhale and see you breath – its freezing! You want to scream but you can’t even move. Terror fills the room as he floats to the ceiling and vanishes in a black fog which slowly dissipates.

You notice other strange things happening in the house. The electrical appliances come on by themselves. The television in the basement displays only an eerie green static and if you look closely you can see a dark figure within. You unplug it but it still works!

Your family photos have blurred spots in them. You can see other people’s faces, sometimes appearing directly over your faces. The translucent white orbs are everywhere. In some pictures it looks like it is snowing in your house. Other people start to notice strange things happening in your house. They are scared to come over now so they stay away, further contributing to your isolation. You are the dark secret in the family that no one talks about but everybody suspects.

Now you are starting to see other people in the house. Is he bringing them here? You sense the man is living in your closet. At times you can see his evil glare between the shirts when you are putting the clothes away. You can see him run past you out of the corner of your eye but you never get a good look at him. You only get a better look at his face at night.

The night terrors are the worst. That is when the man in the bedroom attacks you; often while your husband is asleep in the bed with you. You must be crazy, you must be imagining this; but the bruises on your inner thigh are proof enough for you. How can you be raped by an invisible man? If you say something they will put you away.

As evil descends over your home you can think of only one thing. If you can see this and feel this, what about the kids? How will you fight this?