Saturday, August 11, 2007

Carolyn’s Bedroom

When I investigate a haunting I don’t like to label the cause as “evil” or “demonic” because I am not yet convinced that demons or ghosts or even spirits are the cause of hauntings. It could be something else. The problem is that not all hauntings are the same nor do they start out the same as was the case of Carolyn’s bedroom.

I advertise my services in a couple of St. Louis newspapers and I have my business cards scattered in strategic places around St. Louis. Carolyn called me on a hot August night at the beginning of several days of 100 plus degree temperatures which claimed the lives of several St. Louisans. My first though was, “the season begins.” Every year is the same. My phone is silent until the middle or end of August and then its gang busters through December, with October being the busiest time.

Carolyn called complaining of “odd feelings” within her new home. She had moved in quite a while ago but did not seem comfortable yet. She felt as though her bedroom was not hers but someone else’s. She just could not get comfortable nor did she have any energy while she was in the home. There was also a depressing feeling upon entering her house. All of these feelings seemed to radiate from her bedroom in the rear of the home. She wanted me to do a cleansing. She also said because of her lack of energy her home was very cluttered.

Instead of assembling the entire team I decided to go this one alone because she had not seen or felt any spirits. I thought this would probably involve a motivational speech, a referral to a maid service and I'd quickly come back home but was I wrong.

Upon entering the house it was not as cluttered as Carolyn thought, but it was a bit untidy. Carolyn was a well-educated, well-spoken woman with intelligence. When you do paranormal investigating long enough you immediately question the occupants to establish a profile. There is no common denominator when it comes to victims of hauntings. They are from every religion, race, gender and different social and economic backgrounds. Since 1999, I have only found one thing that all of these victims have in common (other than the occasional nut): they are all very “sensitive”. Not in an emotional way but it appears like they can sense things that normal people cannot. Carolyn is definitely a “sensitive” person. She is not very religious but was raised Catholic.

I am not a psychic but I can feel emotions. I cannot communicate with anything nor can I channel (I am not even sure if that stuff is real) but I can sense the emotional state of locations. I can’t explain it any better than that. So when I walk into a room I can sense the emotions of the people in it as well as the emotional state of the location.

Walking into Carolyn’s bedroom was like walking into an emotional thunderstorm. Every hair on my body stood up, I got goosebumps all over and these goosebumps never went away. My heart started pumping very fast and my mouth felt like I had bitten into a lemon; I could feel the saliva pouring from the glands in my mouth. I’ve ever experienced anything quite like this before. It was like walking into an argument and it felt like I arrived during the Gunfight at the OK Corral.

I use the phrase "emotional thunderstorm" to mean a complete feeling of turmoil. Like in weather, when a high meets a low you get bad thunderstorms. Within this house there was a clash of auras (or whatever you call it) between Carolyn and the previous owners, who had lived there for many years. When you live in a place long enough maybe you imprint your aura within the building and when someone new arrives there can be a clash just like in a weather system. This is the only way I can explain what happened and what I felt.

I laugh when people talk about the science of ghost hunting because there is no science. I could not measure what I felt on an EMF gauge, there were no temperature change, nor was there anything else which could be measured on any of the equipment I brought. This just “felt” odd; just like an emotional thunderstorm. When we left the bedroom to investigate the other rooms of the house my symptoms went away, but as soon as we enter the bedroom again they came back again.

When entering certain “bad” locations I have developed stomach cramps where it feels like I have to take a bad shit. It often gets so bad it feels like I am going to pass out and then as I leave the location the stomach cramps also leave. Psychic friends tell me this is an attack by an evil spirit as they absorb my energy. This may be true but I have no scientific way of measuring it so I am not convinced of what is actually happening. In Carolyn’s bedroom something else happened. Before you even think it, I was NOT Running of Fear, she had not told me anything other than she felt her bedroom was not hers, but someone else’s.

Carolyn told me the former owners had lived in the house for many years. They had raised kids in the home and one of them even died there in that bedroom. This story only added to my suspicions that many hauntings are not the result of spirits but something else. Maybe when we live in a location for sometime we build an aura in the house. Then when we leave and somebody else takes over the two aura’s clash like a high front and a low front in weather. The result of this clash is like an emotional thunderstorm. Most people might not ever sense this, but “sensitive” people so feel this ripple in their new home. If this is not dealt with in a timely manner, then a full blown haunting can occur. When I wrote Evil Descends, this was how their haunting started; a bad feeling which manifested and grew into something incontrollable.

I don’t believe in cleansings in the traditional sense. I don’t think you need any holy water or burning grass or virgin olive oil, all you need is to bring positive energy into a location and you can eliminate this emotional turmoil. Paint the walls in your favorite color. Blast your favorite music and dance in the house. Hang your favorite pictures and laugh, enjoy life. We even moved her favorite rock collection into the room. Only an attitude adjustment can dispel a bad aura. Ancient religions don’t have a clue when it comes to changing paradigms. Watching charlatan priests slap blubbering minions on the head will not exorcise demons, but it does scare the shit out of unintelligent people and fill the seats of the chapel. People think if they don’t join the church the demons will get them next. Don’t ever believe this crock of bullshit!!!

Carolyn is Catholic so I joined her in the Lords Prayer. Then I told her to close her eyes and bring her light into this bedroom. I also gave her the suggestions I stated above. I told her to move into this house and claim it at her house. Have fun in it. She could have brought in a psychic or a priest and paid a lot of money for them to burn grass or splash holy water through the house but that will not change anything. In order for things to change she must change them. Bring peace into your heart. Bring peace, tranquility and laughter into your home and you will notice a change. Immediately after saying the prayer this bad aura left the bedroom. The goosebumps were finally gone, as was everything else. The emotional turmoil was finally subdued. We both smiled at each other and it finally “felt” good in the room.

I don’t think the prayer had anything to do with the change. I think it was Carolyn’s attitude that changed. When her attitude changed the bad aura (or whatever you want to call it) finally dissipated. This will take work to maintain and she will have to keep the momentum going. She still needs to finish her cleansing by moving into her house and bringing even more positive energy into it. I think she will do very well.

My instincts told me if this was allowed to fester it might have developed into something much worse. Many of the hauntings I investigate begin just like this, a bad feeling which grows into something else. The laws of attraction apply here. If you harbor negative feelings or allow negative feeling to endure then you will attract negative events. It is best to keep a positive attitude in life so you will attract positive people and results.