Saturday, January 19, 2008

Paranormal Investigations within a Demon Haunted World-Part 3

A multipart essay on paranormal investigations

Part 3-The Role of Electric and Magnetic Fields (EMF)

Electric and magnetic fields (EMFs) are areas of energy that surround electrical devices. Power lines, electrical wiring, and appliances produce EMFs which may reduce heart rate and interfere with brain activity. This interference with the brain can cause hallucinations, nightmares, feelings of being touched and produce unusual cold spots.

About two years ago I purchased a Van De graaph electrostatic charger capable of charging up to 325,000 volts of energy. My thinking was if spirits needed energy to operate then I was going to give them as much energy as they needed. So I used it on investigations hoping this would enhance my chance of communicating in some way with spirits. Instead of having that effect it changed my thought process regarding paranormal events.

We had been using an EMF gauge for a long time and we noticed many haunted locations had an unusually high rate of EMF. I also thought the spirits were using the energy but it never occurred to me the energy itself might be causing these disturbances until my experiments with the Van De graph. When there is an unusually high pocket of EMF within a location strange things begin to occur. These strange things have little to do with sprits but everything to do with the high levels EMF.

EMF will produce cold spots. It gives the sensation of being touched; it actually feels like someone is touching you but it is the energy. When I use the Van De graph and get enough energy charged, it feels the entire room changes mood. It is hard to describe unless you experience it first hand.

So how do you explain EMF within an area which has no power?

Granite buildings have an unusually high EMF rating because of the granite. As granite settles the small granules begin to rub against each other acting like a giant Van De Graaph, generating a lot of energy. The Earth itself also generates EMF. Prolonged exposure to these pockets of energy generated by the Earths’ crust or the granite buildings or whatever else produced it can lead to feelings of spiritual activity, when it is nothing more than the EMF.

We investigated one home where the owner and her kids were terrified. They were sleeping in the same room and were not a peace within the home. Most of the activity occurred within a staircase which ran through the center of the house. When I used the EMF gauge I noticed a very high EMF coming from a ceiling fan on the third floor. The kid’s room was a few feet from the fan; it was at the top of the staircase. I told the owner to buy a new ceiling fan which she wanted to do anyway because it was old. Within a few days of installing the new fan all of the paranormal activity stopped.

The owner and her kids were living with this very high EMF within their home and it was affecting their minds. This is just one case but there have been several where the cause of the paranormal activities was EMF poisoning. If I was in the hallelujah booth I would have summoned a demonologist or a priest to perform an exorcism; which would have further traumatized the owner and her kids.

Stay tuned for Part 4: Demons and/or Inhuman Spirits.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Paranormal Investigations within a Demon Haunted World-Part 2

A multipart essay on paranormal investigations

Part 2-What Causes Hauntings? (please read part one before reading part two)

Do we really know why places become paranormal playgrounds? Absolutely not, so why do people make up reasons based upon absolutely no evidence? I don't know the answer to either of those questions but I don't make up nonsense to clients who call me to investigate their house. Instead I prefer to tell people no can really know the reasons behind this phenomenon and I prefer not to speculate until I understand more about this particular situation. Based upon my research these are the top explanations given for hauntings:

1. Much death and suffering in one area led to spiritual activity.
2. Person died with unfinished business.
3. Many are residual hauntings. Like a snapshot of something in the past which constantly replays.

I have always found it fascinating the explanations people give for the reasons places are haunted. There are more but these are the most common. Let's look at each one to see if they make logical and scientific sense.

Much death and suffering in one area led to spiritual activity

I briefly investigated the Villisca Axe murder house last summer. The reason given for this haunting was the eight inhabitants were butchered in their sleep by an unknown assailant with an axe. It was a horrible crime; an entire family massacred. Can eight people murdered be so horrific as to cause a haunting? Let's compare that with other massacres throughout Earth's history.

I was in Los Angeles a few years ago visiting the La brea Tar Pits. Hundreds of thousands of animals died a horrible death in what amounted to a torture chamber for these creatures. So why no reports of ghosts of woolly mammoths or saber tooth tigers? Living in the Jurassic period must have been horrific, as creatures were massacred by the thousands on a daily basis. So why no reports of anyone seeing ghosts of dinosaurs?

Prehistoric man had it much more difficult that today's modern societies. Rival tribes would attack neighboring villages. Men, women and children were massacred, raped and tortured constantly. So why no reports of seeing ghosts of prehistoric man?

The Aztec and Inca nations would ritually murder thousands of people as sacrifices to their gods. I don't remember ever reading one report of anybody seeing the ghost of an Inca or an Aztec victim. If reason number one is valid then we should see ghosts of dinosaurs, woolly mammoths, prehistoric man, and Indians as hundred of thousands of these creatures met untimely, horrific deaths. The fact that we don't should prove reason number one as complete fabrication.

This proves that people only see ghosts based upon clothing, situations and other people they have seen and can comprehend. I think this is very important to realize if you are a paranormal investigator. We have all seen photos of previous generations but no one actually knows what a dinosaur looked like or even what a prehistoric person used to look like. We can speculate but we will never know. This is why I believe our sightings of ghosts only contain images we are certain to have existed.

Person died with unfinished business

Physics and mathematics proves that energy cannot be destroyed; it can only be changed from one form to another. So when a person dies their energy changes form and lives on but memories cannot exist without the brain. Memories are nothing more than a collection of brain cells, much like a hard drive within a computer. When the brain is destroyed it is impossible to access that information. Even if the energy within our body still remains, it would be a mindless mass of energy much like a lightning ball with no intelligence. This energy would be just a floating mass of energy.

Lightning has never struck somebody or something out of envy. Electricity has never leaped from the socket and electrocuted somebody because of vengeance. I don't think either of these situations will ever happen either. Energy has no conscious and it has no memories.

If you believe energy has a conscious and a memory then you have to prove it using scientific methodologies. The laws of physics don’t allow for this so the burden of proof is on you. Science does not accept blind faith as evidence so you have to prove it through mathematics, physics or physical evidence. If you can’t prove it then you can’t proclaim this as a fact.

Many are residual hauntings. Like a snapshot of something in the past which constantly replays

If this is true then the Earth should be littered with these residual hauntings. We should see dinosaurs hunting and killing prey. We should see villages of prehistoric men killing rivaling villages. We should be able to see the daily human sacrifices of the Inca nations. We should still see reenactments of past wars without the aid of actors. The fact that we don't should easily debunk this explanation.

I am trying to reform the way we investigate hauntings. We will only be able to prove the existence of ghosts and other spirits by using scientific methodology. Blind faith and spirituality is empty unless it is backed with proper physical evidence. I think we hurt our credibility when we invent explanations. We are much more credible when we just admit we don't know but let our clients know we thirst for the truth. That is why we are paranormal investigators. We seek the truth wherever it leads us.

The truth is we do not know why places are haunted, nor do we even understand exactly if it is a spirit that is responsible for the situation. There is still so much unknown to us. But we can only begin to learn if we accept our lack of knowledge. Just like religion limits our intellect and closes our mind, these false beliefs hide the truth.

Stay tuned for part 3-The Role of EMF.

Paranormal Investigations within a Demon Haunted World-Part 1

A multipart essay on paranormal investigations

After immersing myself with paranormal literature and investigations for the past several years, I have recently changed my beliefs regarding hauntings. This essay is a brief summation of my findings. My intention is not to dismiss claims made by witnesses or to debunk psychics but to identify a more logical and even scientific process to explain the events. We can only be taken seriously if we gather evidence properly and learn the laws of physics which control our universe.

Part 1: The Escape from the Halleluiah Booth

In my opinion, the television show Paranormal State is the worst way to investigate a haunting. These guys claimed to be stalked by demons like Paris Hilton is stalked by paparazzi. Every episode the demon gets closer, the leader must even "protect" the young girls by sending them home, thus protecting them from this vicious demon. I have yet to see demons in any place I've been, I have also not seen any demons appearing on this show but I laugh out at the way they conduct themselves.

The danger in the way they conduct investigations is too many people are bringing their religion into the field and that is dangerous. I prefer to use science and scientific methodology when I conduct investigations. When you get to the point in an investigation like Ryan, their leader, where you start having nightmares and thinking the nightmares should be used as evidence in your investigations; you need a break. At his point you're very scary and dangerous, and should see a psychiatrist.

The team in Paranormal State is not alone in their demon claims. People like to blame demons on unexplainable events. These people are what I call, operating within the halleluiah booth. First let me explain the phrase "halleluiah booth."

I cannot claim credit for the phrase but it evolved from a conversation with a friend of mine on the subject of paranormal activity. It comes from these morons on religious television programs who claim to be possessed by the holy spirit. They flail their arms in the air, their eyes roll back in their heads, their body's shake violently, all the while repeatedly screaming, "halleluiah!" Then for the safety of the unpossessed, they are ushered to a quarantined area roped off from your average minion by one of the cleric's henchman. Within this religious mosh pit they writhe and scream halleluiahs with other possessed religious zealots. This booth I refer to as the halleluiah booth.

It is meant to be an antedote describing people who are complete believers, at an emotional level. When you are within the confines of the halleluiah booth, you are unaware of normality, completely "possessed" by blind faith to the point where you have become irrational. At this point all logic, all rules of physics, all common sense is forever lost. You are nothing more than a ditto head flailing uncontrollably, while screaming halleluiah. As a scientist or even as someone trying to prove a theory, the halleluiah booth is a dangerous place to dwell.

I must confess to briefly dwelling within the halleluiah booth in my past. I try to avoid it at all costs, preferring to remain conscious of logic and the rules of physics. I know there are rules within the universe which cannot be compromised regardless of what we think we see or feel. For example, light cannot pass through non physical objects; there must be a physical mass to deflect light. So ghosts, being pure energy, cannot cast shadows. There is no exception to this law.

The moment we try to dismiss known laws of physics, we are entering the halleluiah booth. We must always remain cognoscente of the basic laws of the universe if we are to prove anything. We must also be able to distinguish good evidence from bad. Good evidence can only be physical. Keep in mind, a creepy feeling or an eyewitness account is the worst evidence. If you give credibility to these two types of evidence then you are operating with the halleluiah booth; thus you are no longer an investigator.

It is very easy for the emotions of the moment to cloud your judgment. A credible paranormal investigator will not let emotions, religion or blind faith interfere with the facts. Be cognoscente of your surroundings; learn everything about your eyewitnesses and, again, don't let your emotions get the best of you. There is no evidence to support the theory that ghosts need darkness to operate. Thus, there is no reason to run around in the dark other than to create a creepy atmosphere. Light is better for your photographs and better for your psyche.

I have not found any credible experts on the subject of the paranormal. Most people are either too religious or have been investigating so long they are now completely within the halleluiah booth. This is true of seasoned investigators, who become too emotionally vested to make solid scientific judgments. They are convinced ghosts are real and they have all the answers. Their ego is now standing in the way of any authentic hauntings they might accidentally find. So they begin to create fantasy worlds where demons stalk them and only they can save the world.

I don't claim to have all the answers. I'm still building a list of all of the proper questions to ask. But I want to find the truth wherever it takes me. The truth might not be what we are hoping it to be, but it is still better than operating within the halleluiah booth.

Stay tuned for Part 2-What Causes Hauntings?