Thursday, February 7, 2008

Paranormal Investigations within a Demon Haunted World Part 4

A multipart essay on paranormal investigations

Part 4: Demons and/or Inhuman Spirits

Before I continue with this essay I want you to know a few things about my past so you know where I came from. Now, when I tell you were I am at in my life, you can see the paradigm shift.

My earliest childhood memories were of creatures coming to get me at night in the dark. At a teenager when I saw the efreeti on the cover of the old Dungeon Master Handbook (D&D reference book), I remembered seeing that in my room when I was a boy. This is reason for my long time interest in the paranormal. When I learned about the devil, I thought those early night terrors were demons after me (give me a break, I was 2 years old).

All through grade school I was active in the church. I was an altar boy, I sang in the choir, I did the readings every Sunday; I went to church six days a week back then. The priests and the nuns tried to guide me into joining the seminary. I was actually thinking about becoming a priest until I hit puberty and discovered an ancient form of torture still performed today; celibacy. I thought celibacy was ridiculous so I changed my mind about any seminary possibilities. Now back to the essay.

There is nothing on Earth I would rather be doing than conducting a paranormal investigation. Whether it is a notorious location in history, an old cemetery or a family that calls me in need of some help; I enjoy it and I will always enjoy it.

I believe number one on the agenda of a paranormal team is to prove the existence of spirits. We must remain objective and find the existence of spirits through the evidence we collect. As I have written earlier, we must use scientific methodologies. Anything else just doesn’t mean anything. Remaining a skeptic is paramount during the investigation; stay out of the halleluiah booth.

While meeting other paranormal teams, I discovered some of the investigative techniques are horribly faith-based. These faith-based teams aren’t interested in proving the existence of spirits because they are convinced they do exist. They encounter demons as frequently as you and I encounter rude cashiers at the deli. The evidence they base their claims of demonic possession and inhabitation are flimsy at best. Evidence they might use as proof of a demonic haunting could be: a cross falls from the wall, somebody smells a stench, had a nightmare about the location, a pet acting weird.

First of all what are demons? They are ultra intelligent beings, evil incarnate. They are in allegiance with satan or might even be satan himself. If you remember the bible, satan is the angel that god kicked out of heaven. He is currently building an army to fight a war he cannot win. The demons are satan’s generals in this soon to be lost war. These demons are so evil they might show up at your house and knock your cross from your wall or create a really bad smell, worse than a dog fart.

Let’s try for one moment to put ourselves in the mind of a demon. If we were a demon and we had all of this power, would we spend our time knocking crucifixes from walls, creating stenches, influencing pets and possessing people? Hell no!! We’d kick some ass!! A truly evil being would do worse than that. Even old girlfriends of mine did worse than that to me. Old girlfriends would slash my tires, key my car, steal all of my checks and empty out my bank account, screw all of my friends; now that is evil stuff.

A demon would rip your dog or cat into shreds. If these creatures were as evil as we think they would remove your eye lids so you could watch them hang and disembowel your loved ones. Then they would remove your crucifix from your wall and plunge it into your testicles. Think about it. These docile activities we credit to a demon are nothing compared to true evil. If we actually encountered a powerful evil spirit we would truly suffer. If they do exist, I doubt seriously anyone has ever been in the presence of one and lived to tell about it. In these supposed inhumanly infested locations no one ever gets hurt. Nothing truly horrible happens but a bunch of screaming and crying.

Another weird observation about these faith-based paranormal teams is their investigations usually involve some type of prayer and end in some type of religious ritual resembling an exorcism. I guess we assume all of these demons are Christian? Do we actually think reading from a book or burning some grass can purge these demigods from a house? The whole thing is absurd.

I am not sure if demons exist because I have never met one and I hope I never do. The books I have read and the programs I have watched do not provide evidence of anything. For paranormal investigators that have supposedly encountered a demon; give me a break. If you believe them, then you should also believe that I saw superman flying through the St. Louis Arch last Friday. I tried to photograph him but I only captured an orb. But that is still proof, right? I also defeated the green goblin by burning sweet grass and reading Shakespeare.

Do demons exist? I have pondered this question for years and if I base my answer on the evidence, then I have to say probably not.

Stay Tuned for Part 5-EVP


Anonymous said...

I do no believe in demons. But i do believe in GOD. I think that evil as we know it is created by man.

I am really enjoying this. You certainly have the right mind set to do fair investigations. I hate ghost hunting shows because they never find anything. They are just edited to be scary.

Anonymous said...

okay u have your opinion set but have u ever had some kind of experince of anything in your life.and what makes u believe that evil was created by man because the bible says so...well the bible says alot of things too there was stuff going on then like it does now in the present day.dont b so narrow minded about stuff like that bible says u cant be judgemental he's the only one that can judge a person thats whats wrong with people today VERY JUDGEMENTAL.this world would be a better place.if u havent walked a mile in that person's shows then dont look dont on them

Haunted Missouri said...


I have had many people contact me complaining about a Demon but it never amounts to anything more than people scaring themselves. I try to keep an open mind and I also try to incorporate new things I learn into my life but my opinion is set on this issue. If this is all a Demon can do then I would call it a comedian, NOT an evil entity.

Thanks for the comments

Anonymous said...

none of you have any idea what evil is. i have looked into the soul of hell when i was mugged in columbia mo in 2000 by someone who flew at me from the sidewalk and tried to kill me but i fought him (it) off. the columbia police dept did nothing to try and find him. i have been physically maimed and have back problems that will be in my life forever. i have nightmares and don't sleep very much.

smc_442 said...

Would you mind examining this demon hunting group's site? Their posted cases go well beyond the minor stuff you mentioned. What do you think?

Nonetheless, I am highly skeptical of anything faith based. If you get mugged on the street, would holy water and showing the cross help you? NO! With an evil paranormal badass, why should it be any different?

Anonymous said...

I really like your writings. They are interesting, educational, and funny too. "Dog Farts",LOL!

Brandy said...

You may not have come face to face with a demon yourself, but I have. They don't play nice. The reason they contact youth is because they are weak. I have seen evil many times. My first encounter of my demon was when I was 11, at the brink of puberty. That is when you are at your weakest, when you don't have a clue of what is going on in life and you feel like your spiraling out of control. Many paranormal sites pray because they believe strongly in their faith. My beliefs come from many religions. I know thier is a God, I speak to him, and even though I may not hear his voice I feel his answer. I don't care what anyone thinks of me and my faith. I know where I am going and I know how to get there, most importantly, I know who I am. Most people are still trying to find themselves. I feel spirits and have seen demons. They lurk in the shadows and wait for an opening. You may hear in the news about sex addictions, alcohol addictions, and murderers who swear they were framed or possessed, well guess what, they probably were, but guess who let the demons in by their bad judgement? The drunk, the sex-a-holic, and the murderer. Stay strong, keep the faith, and do not give into your demon, what ever, or who ever it may be! The demon I have seen in my past was a shadow of a man, I cannot describe his features (although he was in the light) all I can say is that his looks were not flattering. He said nothing, but in the morning mine and my sister undergarments were down to our knees and our shirts were pulled over our heads. I was a child then but I think now it might have been an inqubus (prays on females especially at puberty). While you may think I am crazy, and you are intitled to your opinion, I will never forget it! Peace be with each and every one of you!

Viagra Online said...

I can believe that demons can exist. In my opinion it is something that religions have invented to scare people and they will be loyal to the congregation.

Anonymous said...

if you look at the world today you will notice there are two types of people. their are all around good people and there are not so good. assuming you believe in the spirit world it stands to reason the same can be said, that is the good and the not so good. demons as general knowledge are souls without the promise of a physical body. they would be considered highly intelligent, with the intent to torment a living host. such a demonic spirit would be able to possess the unfortunate human victim and mame them from within themselves. such a demon would need to weaken their host by instilling tremendous amounts of fear. since a demon is a highly intelligent paranormal being without a physical body then it would use fear based tactics to weaken its host to the point where it could successfully possess its host.if you were to take a look at the history of demons through a biblical sense you might be surprised to learn that the demons we debate about to this day, whether or not they actually exist,were part of a heavenly meeting as we all were. when lucifer and jesus laid out there plans of salvation before heavenly father, he accepted jesus' plan. when lucifer fell that day he took a number of the heavenly host with him. a number that could be the demons that we debate about now.